RS1X2TP - Team Project

Team Project Analysis Module

This module is one of the four components of the Clean Energy Institute certification in project feasibility analysis for the related technology. A Team is a group of between 2 and 6 course participants. Note that many of our participants are seasoned professionals who are taking our certificate more to establish their credentials than to actually learn a lot of new things. So Team participants usually learn form the expertise of others, and have a chance to network and benefit in terms of future opportunities of work in the field.


This module is only accessible to people who have previously taken Course CEF102 and the theory course on the related technology (i.e. CEF132 for the project module on solar PV).


Participants put in practice what they have learned by performing a real world projects feasibility analysis. In RS1X2TP, X is a number between 1 and 9 corresponding to the 9 clean energy technologies covered by the Clean Energy Institute. For example RS132TP is the Individual Real Project Feasibility Analysis study for Solar PV The technology.


The duration of the module RS1X2TP is 40 hours spread over 5 weeks total - 4 weeks of actual work for the participant - at 10 hours per week. On week 4, the Facilitator reviews the complete draft that was submitted at the end of week 3 and on week 5, the participant makes the final changes based on the extensive Facilitator Feedback and suggestions before submitting her/his report at the end of week 5.

If this course is not available on our Calendar, call us to find out the next date.

Note: While the Team Project Studies course components are $200 less expensive than Individual Project studies course components, they are more challenging in terms of coordination and finding suitable team members, scheduling, etc.