CET133: 6-Month Solar Technician Program

Working in partnership with an organization registered with the local Ministries of training, Colleges and Universities, we are now offering this exciting new program to people interested in a career as a Solar Energy installer. Contact us for the program start date. We need a group of at least 6 participants to run this course. See below for details.

Course Prerequisites

  • Participant: High School Graduate
  • Preferred Credentials: 3-10 years work experience, preferably in a hand-skills environment

Course Content

  • 26 weeks @ 20 hours/week (520 hours) in total
  • Basic Fundamentals = 23% (120 hrs.) Part I
  • Classroom Theory = 40% (208 hrs.) Part II
  • Laboratory projects = 17% (88 hrs.) Part III
  • Field Work = 20% (104 hrs.) Part IV

Learning Outcomes

The course curriculum outlined below will enable participants to challenge the North American Board of Certified Practitioners Certified Solar PV Installer examination.

  • Overview of Solar Energy
  • Electronic Principles Applied to Photovoltaics
  • Solar thermal & Electrical Generation
  • Electric Load Analysis
  • Photovoltaics Modules
  • Batteries
  • Photovoltaics Controls
  • Sizing Photovoltaics Systems
  • Utility-Interactive Systems
  • Integrating Photovoltaics into Buildings
  • Photovoltaics System Application
  • Photovoltaics Installation
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Safety and Photovoltaics Installation
  • Solar Thermal Design
  • Solar Thermal Manufacturing and Installation
  • Solar Thermal Service and Maintenance
  • Ref:  Breakdown of theory, laboratory and field work schedules.

Evaluation Methods

  • Bi-weekly oral and written tests
  • Laboratory projects marked on quality, cost and neatness
  • Homework and Classroom written assignments
  • Field tests on system installations and servicing procedures and completeness
  • Mid-term and final exams – laboratory, oral and written (multiple choices and subjective)

Course Fee

Contact us to inquire. The fees includes all books, instrumentation, supplies, out-of-town field trips, etc.


  • Laboratory, lecture rooms, system installation and testing, fully equipped
  • Field Station equipped for students to work on typical solar energy systems
  • Building and property serve as an onsite laboratory

* Location will be provided to applicants.