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Clean Energy Executive Masters In Business Investment (MBI)

Overview: The Clean Energy Executive Masters in Business Investment (MBI) is an innovative new program focused on providing business executives with the practical skills they need to be able finance clean energy projects even getting money is otherwise extremely difficult. This program provides the best possible ROI any company or executive can obtain. With this advanced and leading edge knowledge which people will not find in schools or universities, graduates will not only know where to go and what to do to finance any clean energy project anywhere in the world, but they will also acquire the practical skills to finance these projects in the easiest and fastest manner imaginable, regardless of whether local and global economies thrive or struggle, regardless of what happens with the traditional currencies and in the banking world.

Program description:  This program is unlike anything currently offered anywhere. Unlike Masters in Renewable Energy, it is not designed for engineers, policy makers or highly technical people and does not try to cover all the various clean technologies from a technical perspective but instead focuses on financing approaches that can work specifically for clean energy projects including renewable energy but also clean transportation. Unlike executive MBA or Masters in Finance programs which are designed for typical business employees or small business owners, our eMBI is designed for specifically investor  and corporate executives. The program also incorporates concepts adapted from Trump University, Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Education Elite Training programs and many other international programs focused on the business/finance aspect of energy financing.

The program is on the cutting edge of technology and business and on top of covering the foundation of classic business finance, it also covers new emerging approaches such as, blockchain (smart transactions, crypto currencies...), Crowd funding, Green Fund, Property Assessment Clean Energy Financing, Merchant based Power Power Purchase Agreements, Prepaid/Pay as you go models solar for Micro-grids and much more.

Audience: Business executives, financial experts, energy utility managers, renewable energy project developers, real estate investors, angel investors, banking managers, pension fund managers, vehicle fleet managers and anyone interested in financing clean energy projects using both conventional and new leading edge or the most creative financing available .

Program Duration: 18 months (over a recommended period of 1.5 year).

Courses: The program is made of 12 distance learning (three-credit) modules, 3 one week (three-credit) face to face workshop modules and a three month (9 credit) final capstone project. Each of the distance learning modules is delivered over one month is designed to be completed in 32 to 48 notional hours to complete.

Format Delivery: Hybrid distance learning complemented by a three one-week face to face workshops offered through worldwide locations (initially offered in the National Capital Region of Canada, Uruguay, Casablanca, Morocco and Singapore). Students can choose any workshop location as long as the workshop instance is not filled up to maximum capacity.

Handout and Training Material: Participants are provided with various and complementary types of materials: electronic copies of slides, textbooks (which students can print to obtain a hard copy), worksheets, multimedia videos and audios plus for the face to face workshops a paper copy of the slides is also provided to allow students to add written notes.

Hand-on component: 50% of the training is hands-on ‘applied knowledge’ through real world case studies, capstone project and internships.

Time Commitment: This program is designed to allow people to work full time while taking it. The estimated time required is 8-12 hours per week for the online/distance portion, plus 40 hours per week for the three face to face workshops.

Internship: Each participant will complete a practical six month paid internship which is distributed through the 18 months of the program. Internship projects are provided through GPEKS

Cost: Free. The initial down payment for the course modules is refunded to participants through the 6 month internship.  Each course module down payment is CAD $ 900. The only cost people will have to bear is the traveling and accommodation costs to gorgeous or exotic tourism destination for the one week face to face workshops.

Admission criteria: Participants need to apply by completing the inquiry form

Instructors & Facilitators: The program courses are delivered by an international team of subject matter expert practitioners with proven experience in the field of project finance, real estate and clean energy finance. Facilitators are not pure academics and are screen and trained as andragogues (educators of mature and adult students) for their effective communication. We make sure that the trainers team keeps up to date with the newest developments in the technical areas they cover and use the most effective approaches and tools for effective learning in a comfortable manner.

Students per class: In order to maintain the highest possible of interaction and quality, we only accept up 30 people per course and workshop. If we have more accepted applicants than the number of participants, participants with the highest scores at the entrance exam will be given priority and the other applicants will be given the opportunity to enroll in future courses.

Diploma: Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate of proficiency as a ‘Clean Energy Finance Professional’. GPEKS is working with an international network of reputable Universities, Colleges and professional energy organizations to get this diploma officially recognized.

Mentor program: As part of the team of facilitators, participants have the option to adhere to the optional mentor program which offers 12 hours of consulting on an unlimited number of projects. Mentors are expert practitioners who can be reached for a period of one year after the program completion to assist advise and guide graduates in real world deals. This is provided at a modest fee of 2 ETH which is a small fraction of what people would have to pay for consulting on just one finance deal.

Availability: The program is available for the Quarter 4 session of 2017 staring Monday October 2nd. To apply for it, please complete the inquiry form as soon as possible. Select OTHER as the course of Interest, and provide a short pre-selection essay (maximum 400 words or half a page) on your reason for applying.