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Clean energy training & education services are delivered via the International Clean Energy Institute (CEI) of GPEKS, the education division of GPEKS Constructions Inc (GPEKS). GPEKS is a clean energy project development services company.

Curriculum Development
Certificate Courses and Programs
Clean Energy Tools Development and Support Services


Curriculum Development

CEI assists Colleges, Universities and private sector training organisations in the development and adaptation of curriculum and material for:

  • Clean energy project evaluation and financing
  • Microgrid evaluation and deployment courses
  • Capacity building, clean energy policy and implementation planning
  • Solar photovoltaic installer training (installation and maintenance)
  • Wind turbine technician training (installation and maintenance)
  • Solar photovoltaic project development and management
  • Wind energy project development and management
  • Solar water heating installer training (installation and maintenance)

CEI provides a full range of related services, including:

  • Local needs identification for clean energy courses and market study of the potential for the considered courses;
  • Assessment of the training needs of the target audience;
  • Creation of training program with breakdown of courses, identification of potential textbooks and creation and adaptation of new content (text, slides, exams, multi-media);
  • Strategies for course delivery, including locating & hiring teachers, hosting web-based courses;
  • Marketing of and logistical support services for workshops and events on behalf of education clients.

Certificate Courses and Programs

We offer various clean energy courses in either classroom or distance learning format. Our classroom courses are designed for technicians who want to acquire skills and credentials to install solar, wind and other renewable energy systems.

Thanks to our project feasibility analysis courses, participants acquire the essential skills and knowledge to conduct feasibility studies that will enable real-world clients to decide whether or not to proceed with potential clean energy projects. CEI delivers clean energy project feasibility analysis certificate courses via an e-learning format.

Our clean energy project development courses assist project managers and projects developers acquire the essential skills required to handle clean energy projects from the conception and financing stage all the way to deployment and project operation, including due diligence, design, installation/construction, operation and maintenance. We cover all special aspects of clean energy project development including legal, financial, technical, organisational and more. We teach how to evaluate initial risks as well as how to manage risks as the project develops.

Clean Energy Tools Development and Support Services

Some of the services provided: