Project Due Diligence Services


  • Electrification of transport (focus on fleets/commercial vehicules)
  • Solar photovoltaic (off grid and grid connected)
  • Solar water heating (solar domestic hot water, commercial and industrial applications, solar hydronic floor heating)
  • Bioenergy projects (district heating, biogas)
  • Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration and Trigeneration)
  • Ground source heat pumps (residential, commercial/institutional)
  • Residential or commercial wind (from small residential wind turbines to large wind farms)
  • Small and Mini hydro (up to about 50 MW)
  • Solar air heating (pre-ventilation, process heat)

Areas covered

  • Site assessment and evaluation
  • Resource assessment (wind, solar, biomass, ground source heat...)
  • Technical feasibility
  • Legal Due diligence
  • Full scope feasibility studies (technical, organizational, environmental, economic..)
  • Financial feasibility
  • Option analysis
  • Regulatory analysis (permits, incentives...)
  • Environmental (pollution, GHG credits...)
  • Organisational analysis (internal and external capacities and support)
  • Preliminary design (System Engineering diagrams - high level)
  • Detailed cost estimates
  • Analysis using modeling tools such as RETScreen/EVScreen, System Advisor Model...
  • Finance engineering
  • Risk Analysis
  • Project engineering
  • Report preparation
  • Training of project resources

Feasibility studies types

  • Desktop/Screening studies ($2,000)
  • Pre-feasibility (0.5 to 3% of Project Capital Cost - based on scope and timelines)
  • Detailed Feasibility (3 to 8% - Typically larger or more complex/innovative projects)